Caitlin Moran – Defender of Womanhood, but Everyone Else Can Do One

I was happily sat on Twitter this evening minding by own business, equally probing for attention to get some hits for this blog. When I saw the following:


First of all as I pointed out to her, AIDS is an acronym. It stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It’s not the plural for having many aids. Either way it was ill-informed. Not especially funny either. I quite like the odd Family Guy AIDS gag. That’s because Family Guy don’t discriminate. Everyone is a target.

Not precious rent-a-feminist Caitlin though. She is probably the leader of the pack when it comes to the new wave of feminism in the UK at the moment. Some of that particular crowd, sell the topic well. Others merely irritate and encourage me to pinch the bottom of the nearest 1980s secretary.

Anyway I’m not here to discuss the merits or otherwise of feminism. Another Twitter user who openly professes to being HIV+ questioned her on this. Within seconds we were both blocked from following her. Nobody insulted her. Merely questioned the use of a contentious subject as the material for a joke. Oh and her poor use of a plural where an acronym should have been in place. If you’re going to joke about AIDS at least know how to type it.

I just find it troublesome for someone who has very publicly been in trouble of late for her take on the transsexual lobby, seems to be very ignorant of several LGBT issues. It turns out she has form for this, previously blocking a director of the Policy Director of the Terence Higgins Trust. It seems if you dare to criticise womanhood and all its foibles the debate is open and Queen Caitlin is ready to attack. When the tables are turned her fingers are in her ears, shortly after tapping the block button. Truly a one issue woman. I’m not using the word homophobe, except I just did.

People like Caitlin and her huge following should be supportive of the HIV community, not ignoring it. It’s still a stigma and statistics show it’s still growing among the gay community. She may be shocked to know that some women are HIV+.

Anyway I hope your cold gets better Caitlin. These days your life expectancy is the same as everyone else with proper medication.


6 thoughts on “Caitlin Moran – Defender of Womanhood, but Everyone Else Can Do One

  1. And to make the insult worse she goes on in Twitter (I am assuming after blocking you) to say (and I quote) “I’m just blocking everyone who’s being silly”
    Then, I see the streams of Tweets from another user called @realpengy who takes the insults even further, claiming that (his words arent as educated as my own) only gay men get AIDS because they are not normal.
    It needs to be noticed somehow/somewhere that the real reason HIV & AIDS spreads is not because of the people who know they have it, its because of those that dont! Those that dont will probably have a similar way of thinking as this @realpengy guy, assuming that only certain types and groups of people get it, and it will aslways be “someone elses problem”.

  2. To be fair, Moran doesn’t attack / block “if you dare to criticise womanhood and all its foibles”. No, she’s only interested if it’s something she can interpret in any way as a criticism of *her*, and her alone. As she proved with her Lena Dunham interview and her tweet that she ‘literally couldn’t give a shit’ about the race issues in Dunham’s work, the woman who deigns to tell the rest of us how to be women is only interested if the marginalisation or exclusion at issue affects her personally. She supports Caitlinmoran-ism, not feminism, and the rest of us – including a big old slab of the rest of womankind – can indeed do one as fas as she’s concerned.

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